Contemporary Abstract and Realism
by Artist Konnie Laumer
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About the Artist Konnie Laumer

Living as an artist in Colorado, I grew up with artistic parents and art became my obsession. I started out getting a degree in Graphic Design while attending high school and became a graphic designer in the printing industry early on. Then in 1999 I received an Associates Degree in Interactive Multimedia at Platt College in Denver and freelanced web and graphic design.

Although I enjoyed the knowledge, process, and discipline of being a graphic and web designer, my true passion was always fine art. You can see the influence of the graphic art in the detailed pieces. Through the encouragement of friends and family, I began showing my paintings in 2007 and have been showing and selling ever since. I'm a self taught fine artist and work primarily in acrylic paint, but also work with pen and ink, water color, and whatever else feels good at the time. Recently I learned the art of making sterling silver jewelry which has been a wonderful addition to my tool box of talent. My work is very diverse; flowers, people, places, wildlife, but my favorite and most popular selling pieces are my abstracts and city scenes. I am passionate about using metallic and iridescent paints and feel they bring a painting to life. I LOVE painting with palette knife to achieve texture and technique.

Besides Colorado, my art has shown in New York City at the Broadway Gallery in SoHo, and has been published in "NY Arts Magazine" Fall 2012, as well as "International Contemporary Artists" book Volume V. I am frequently invited to show internationally and hope to do so in the near future. I now instruct painting on occasion and invite you to contact me at: 720-934-9975 if you are interested in a commission piece, my art or jewelry, or art instruction.

I believe art is something that feeds the soul, art helps the soul blossom, art is in all of us, we all just don't know it.

Contact info: • 720-934-9975
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