Contemporary Abstract and Realism
by Artist Konnie Laumer
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Associations and Interesting Links

Featuring Art by Konnie
Showing June 2012 at the Broadway Gallery, 473 Broadway
New York, NY in the series: The Global Projects - Artists at Home and Abroad.
See me listed on Art Fairs International and featured on the header of the June 2012 online issue.
I'm currently listed on the NY Arts Magazine under K. Check out my page and read my artist statement.
My Page

This is a WONDERFUL site and has some amazing links to great artists of our time.

Check out POLLOCK
Discovered Artist created this page then sent it to me. Wonderful!

Konnie Laumer Artist
I also have a vintage and craft store called KonniesPlace on Etsy. I have a passion for vintage and was passed down lots of it. Garage Sales are a favorite I find great stuff and love to pass them along to people who love them.
Contemporary Art and Jewelry Designed by Konnie
On Line art gallery for art buyers, dealers, and collectors. Original & Giclée
Original, Prints, and Fine Sterling Silver Jewelry by Konnie
See me featured on Jetset Magazine online as of October 13th, 2014. Thank you Darren Reiser, and the Jetset web teem for doing such excellent work!
Art and Artists
Fine Art Advisor Since 1990
Comprehensive art consulting services in the Los Angeles area.
Interesting Websites
The Disclosure Project is a nonprofit research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems.
Only Together We Can Make a Difference
This is a great documentary and website about our precious bees and how we can save them. You can find the movie free on Netflix and the trailer on Youtube as well.
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